1. Flat rate per agate line: 1 - 3 papers $.71 per agate line.

2. Color advertising: Non-commissionable $175.00

3. Special Classification: Legal Notices $.72 per agate line non-commissionable. All classified ads must be paid in advance.

4. Position Charges: Not applicable

5. Classified Advertising: Regular classified ads up to 20 words is $7.00. Each additional word is .20. Non-commissionable, GST included.

6. Reservations and Closing: 4 p.m. Thursday prior to publication date.

7. Mechanical Requirements: Mini-Tabloid format; Printed Offset (web); Column width - 25 agate lines; Column height - 135 agate lines; columns per page - 4; Page width - 44.5 ems; Gutter - 3 agate lines. Publisher reserves the right to photographically reduce to proper width any oversize reproduction material submitted for publication. Undersize material will be floated in space ordered. Any advertisement 15 agate lines from the top of the page (120 agate lines or more) will be charged for full page height (135 agate lines).

8. Terms of Payment: 30 days.

9. Ad Submissions: Our preferred method of submission is by email; all correspondence and files may be sent to We gladly accept hi-resolution PDF files. Insertion orders may be emailed, or faxed to (780) 962-1021.

10. Advertising Contact: Elaine Lewchuck